This overview of TimeWaver technology from its inventor, Marcus Schmieke, is an excellent technical overview about how the Healy actually works.


Marcus Schmieke about the Different TimeWaver Systems – VIDEO

“The core of this hardware are three quantum physical oscillation circuits that are able to contact the information field. Two of these oscillation circuits work parallel in the electronic circuits.
…the oscillation of these two circuits is being compared and adjusted every moment through the evaluation of the software. Thus, through the correlations of these two oscillation patterns, we can assert, for example, when a person is in resonance with a specific morphogenetic or pathogenetic oscillation pattern. That is what it is about.”


Marcus Schmieke about the Different TimeWaver Systems – TRANSCRIPT

January 14, 2015

The Healy is a miniaturization of the $30,000 TimeWaver technology that has been used by 2,500 doctors and therapists over 500,000 sessions in the past 14 years. It’s now affordable and easy to use for everyone!

The transcript below starts from 12:10 in the video (any blanks were words that were unintelligible):



The information field to us is a physical field. Those great physicists of the 20th century who developed quantum physics came to the new paradigm due to their revolutionary realization in quantum physics. This became a new foundation of sciences.

This knowledge that reality on its most essential level is not matter but information and from this information field, which is the basis of all creation, through the contact with consciousness, this visible, physical reality comes into being.

Thus, the information in this physical information field form the basis for all material reality. This is, so to say, the most substantial source where all physical processes start to evolve, from where all matter manifests, and from where already existing physical processes are being directed.

This information field exists behind the quantum level, and is the inner structure of the vacuum. When you speak with the words of Burkhard Heim, you find four more dimensions – the 5th to 8th dimensions, that are behind the manifested dimensional space-time reality. Behind this four-dimensional field, again four more dimensions of mind and consciousness exist.

Thus, we receive very basic understanding of reality. We have a four-dimensional physical reality that we all know quite well. Parallel, there is a four-dimensional reality of consciousness that is our inner space. But these two realities, the physical four-dimensional space-time, and the four-dimensional consciousness space have to be able to communicate with one another.

And it is quite easily comprehensible that they are not able to communicate directly with each other, as they do not have a common language. they need a translator. When a German wants to speak to a Chinese, they need a translator who is capable of translating German into Chinese and vice versa. He has to be able to speak both languages.

Thus, we need a third field between the field of matter and the field of consciousness that understands the language of both. That is the information field.

The information directs matter, but it’s impressed by the structure of consciousness. Thus, we get a third four-dimensional field: the information field, that connects matter with consciousness.


TimeWaver generally is a complex system made of three components.

On one side, we have the hardware, which you can see on the desk, and which is the quantum physical interface into the information field. This hardware enables us to communicate with the information field, similar to a telephone that enables us to communicate with another person.

On the other side, and just as important, we have a huge collection of oscillation and information patterns, into which one day we want to include the complete knowledge of healing. Via the quantum physical interface into the information field, we constantly bring one million oscillation patterns into resonance with a person or object to be analyzed.

In the middle, we have the software installed to a computer which brings these oscillation patterns through the hardware into resonance with the information field. Most important, surely, is the question many people ask: What is inside the hardware that enables TimeWaver to communicate with the information field?

We have several components with the quantum physical interface hardware. The core of this hardware are three quantum physical oscillation circuits that are able to contact the information field. Two of these oscillation circuits work parallel in the electronic circuits. What oscillates electrons, the oscillation of these two circuits is being compared and adjusted every moment through the evaluation of the software. Thus, through the correlations of these two oscillation patterns, we can assert, for example, when a person is in resonance with a specific morphogenetic or pathogenetic oscillation pattern. That is what it is about.

In the same way, and with the same hardware, one can oscillate a positive pattern, if being found, into the information field with these oscillation circuits.

The third circuit is very special. There are no electrons oscillating, but still carry a certain amount of mass and charge with them. They are only photons oscillating. Photons in this context means that they are even lighter and more subtle than electrons. Photons, according to the quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim, constitute the interface between the three-dimensional space and the fifth and sixth dimensions behind a controlled (?) reality.

The three-dimensional reality of our physical bodies are under control of a higher-dimensional physical reality. Burkhard Heim has recognized it as the fifth and sixth dimensions. But these dimensions also do not directly communicate with the three-dimensional world of matter. This is enacted through interactions in time, and these interactions in time are manifested in our physical reality as photons or as light. Thus, it is just natural for us to take this quantum physical oscillation processes of photons and light as an interface into the information field. Thus, besides the two electronic noise sources, we have what we call a light quantum resonator within the TimeWaver system.

The oscillation comparison of the two electronic noise sources in TimeWaver, the comparison of the oscillation of a person with a specific pathogen pattern, or a healing oscillation pattern, is contacted by two so-called causative (?) fields.

When I say “so-called,” I mean to say that we call them like this and they are also our own development that came about by the combination of all the acquired sources of knowledge.

Kozyrev has developed the model of a time wave or time flux. In this model, all things, all organisms, all living entities communicate through the exchange of information oscillations with one another. Scientists in his succession, especially Kaznacheev and Trofimovin ____ have developed a so-called Kozyrev Mirror on the basis of the models of Nikolai Kozyrev, with materials that were able to reflect these informational oscillations, or time waves. They used a special aluminum alloy. these mirrors are so large that a person can sit within such a Kozyrev mirror.

We have had many of these mirrors produced and have conducted many experiments with them ourselves. We could confirm many of the results of the scientists’ ________.

We use this fascinating scientific phenomenon one size smaller. We do not use this mirror in its height of 2 meter 50, but approximately with 6cm in diameter, and in the center we do not place a human being, but instead a diode or sensor for finest oscillations in order to enable the noise generator to interlink with this nonlocal field. Thus, we intend to reach even further into the information field.

These two Kozyrev diodes oscillate parallel with one another while we conduct a so-called oscillation comparison. This oscillation comparison is done in such a way that the oscillation of a person that is recorded by one of the noise diodes gets compared with either negative or positive oscillation patterns within our database. With this, we try to examine which negative oscillation goes best in resonance with the analyzed person or object, and which positive oscillation goes best in resonance, and which oscillation or information pattern may this person need to achieve a special goal, for example, good health.

As soon as we have once found out what may be needed, we are able to oscillate this analyzed positive oscillation patterns into the information field with the same hardware. If we have found negative oscillation patterns, for example, pathogen stimuli, then it is our goal to interrupt these resonances in order to give no more energy to the possible pathogen process in that person.


If at one point we understand just a little bit of what persons like Burkhard Heim or the Russian scientists in ___________, or what the ancient Vedic knowledge presents to us, then we can see that the physical perceivable reality of our everyday consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg. Then we can see that behind this, there exists a huge immaterial reality that actually has a strong, most essential influence on all our personal lives and on all our activities that are important to us.


In my personal life, it has always been the meeting with the special people that enacted a great change of something new within me, and that always made me step further in my life. It was the meeting with Burkhard Heim, it was the meeting of a close student with Gothard Günther, it was the meeting of strong spiritual people, and it was especially the meeting with Nuno Nina from Portugal, the researcher and scientist who for more than a decade directed several clinics.

In our meeting, two aspects came together. On one side, our long expertise in information field medicine, and on the other side, his experience for many years in the treatment of chronic disorders with the help of electrical currents and fields, and with the aid of further dietary supplements.

In the last 12 years, Nuno Nina has gathered a lot of experience on more than 10,000 patients with frequency therapy and he has found the importance to use the exact specific one or more frequencies that I individually needed. He has described rules how to ascribe specific frequencies to specific indications, symptoms, or organs. The rules he compiled into a library, into a database of more than 155,000 frequencies that form the core of his therapeutic protocol. This is his personal know-how that he had developed in years and years of research. And these frequencies are available for all this who want to work according to his therapeutic protocols. When I first got into contact with Nuno Nina, we both immediately realized that when merging these two treatment approaches, we could help especially the patients in Nuno Nina’s clinics even more than before.

After the first phone call with Nuno Nina, I traveled directly to Lisbon and visited his clinic. I talked to many patients who received treatment there and you could tell amazing things.
Here I have really found a place where integrative medicine is being practiced, where information medicine with frequency therapy, with naturopathy came together for an integrative approach. Where the ideal of TimeWaver has been put into practice, where only the right technology was not yet ready to pass this on to other therapists.

Already in our first talk, Nuno Nina and I decided to facilitate not only just a few people with this incredible and fantastic possibility to help patients, but to facilitate as many therapists or doctors as possible. This is really a big gift and opportunity to be able to use these 155,000 frequencies. Practically speaking, this means if I have, for example, a personal topic – let’s say the liver – this is one of the 1,700 applications. You can find between 100 and 300 different frequencies assigned to this topic in the database, but which of these frequencies assigned to the liver or to any other specific state or organ, we can find out by information field analysis.

This implies, the therapist chooses which category, which indication, which symptoms, which organs, will now be addressed and the system analyzes in real time which of the frequencies are needed at this specific moment to reestablish the balance. Simultaneously, during the application of the frequencies, the system analyzes whether or not a specific frequency is still needed. Thus, it constantly shows us the energetic progress in the therapy.

I want to say we are all very fortunate. Nuno Nina was so generous to provide this collection for the first time ever to us. So they became part of the TimeWaver frequency system. We continuously add new frequencies to it. Nuno has recently just found new specific frequencies in the category: electrolyte level. To re-establish the electrolytic balance in the body is a big subject matter. It needs to shift the extracellular environment into an electrolytic state in order for the cells to be able to build up or maintain their cell membrane potential.

There Nuno assigned a wide range of new frequencies which became part of the database of TimeWaver frequencies. Our database constantly grows as our knowledge and our understanding constantly grows.

All therapists working with TimeWaver frequency and TimeWaver also receive these new frequencies. It is not a static database but this know-how which is the core of the system grows week by week, month by month, and we continually provide updates for our system in order for all therapists to be up to date.


Historically speaking, at first we developed TimeWaver Med as an expert system for information field medicine. TimeWaver Med is a physical system but it’s not connected directly locally with the patient. The personal patient in touch with the TimeWaver is not physically in touch with the TimeWaver, but directly via the information field. This is the first level on which we want to help a person. The second level is that we work directly in the physical body, in the physical field of the cells of a person. And that is being done with TimeWaver Frequency.

TimeWaver Frequency has the same technology for information field analysis as the TimeWaver Med has, but it’s able to transform that information into concrete electrical or electromagnetic frequencies and to apply them directly onto the body.

Both these methods, TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency, are direct physical therapy in the field of a person in the range of the cell potential, belong together. In this regard, TimeWaver and TimeWaver Frequency are two systems that are often applied simultaneously.

Furthermore, we have developed a third system, as we have been studying the qualities of oscillation processes for many years. TimeWaver and TimeWaver Frequency evaluate the quality of these kind of oscillation processes in order to be able to draw conclusions about a person’s health in this way.

The third system is TimeWaver Cardio. Cardio takes the person’s most important physiological oscillation, his heartbeat. It is recorded by an electrocardiogram that we know as an ECG, and if you look at the heartbeat of a person for five to seven minutes, you can that the heart does not beat as regular as what one might think but that the gaps in between two heartbeats make up an own complex oscillation. And this oscillation quality can be evaluated, for example, with a spectral analysis. From this you can draw deep conclusions about the physiological state of the vegetative nervous system, about the psyche, about deeper cause of imbalances.

This is a diagnostic tool that can be used parallel to TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency. An important inspiration for my work in the development of TimeWaver was to give people back the ability to communicate with the immaterial resources. That implies receiving knowledge on one hand, and on the other hand giving back positive impulses into this essential information field. This is important in all areas of life, be it within medicine, in business, the way we reside and live.

The great ability that TimeWaver possesses is to identify those factors that influence our life on all levels, and then to balance them, and to create positive invisible influences and keep away the negative ones if possible.


Disclaimer: Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind, body, and relieve stress. Always use your Healy in accordance with its instructions for Use.